Fine Art of Anti-Christian Mockery, The

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Fine Art of Anti-Christian Mockery, The

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Author: Poet, Porno
ISBN: 78-0-9870500-8-3
Published: 2912
Format: PDF
Pages: 16
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Product Description

The thought which concludes this column is an experiment in transgressionist inversion.  It is based on a premise familiar to Christians – the immaculate conception.  However, the true transgressionist must ask several questions about this blessed event, especially since as God’s will it was done regardless of whether the Virgin Mary had any say in the matter.  The Virgin Mary was powerless, taken by God for a greater destiny – Jesus was born of her rape.  Women’s sexual choice is immaterial to Christianity: by consequence its Patriarchal system of power exists only to rape them into marital servitude.  Only pornography can save them.”

Much of the content in this mini e-book refers to the Australian political scene from 2007-2009.  After a decade of conservative rule, the country elected a Labor Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.  A bible-carrying apologist, Rudd would seek reparations with the aboriginal community but in his whole-hearted support of mandatory Internet Filtering in deference to the Australian Christian Lobby and such Christian political parties as Family First, Rudd proved himself a mere Christian Totalitarian mouthpiece.

 For the benefit of international readers, explanatory prefaces are added where the content was deemed too specific.  The content is otherwise uncut.  Readers should be warned that this e-book contains material of likely offence to Christians though is intended as humour: satire, sarcasm and ridicule.


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