Shanghai Shakedown (Enhanced Edition)

Shanghai Shakedown Cover

Shanghai Shakedown (Enhanced Edition)


Author: Bosch, Anonymous
ISBN: 978-1-925329-06-3
Published: 2017
Format: PDF
Pages: 12
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Product Description

Shanghai Shakedown (Enhanced Edition)
by Anonymous Bosch
(c) MMXVII CAILL Transmedia PL | Shanghai, China


“When he was trying to leave, he was stopped by 6 or so people with guns telling him there are hidden cameras everywhere and that the girls aren’t of age.” (victim)

“They take my cash money 2700RMB and he debt my credit card 9900RMB immediately. Totally I was lost the money 12600RMB. This case is really criminal, they organize everything with many people.” (victim)

Prostitution | Underage Sex | Blackmail
as reported in China Daily

It’s the Shanghai Mafia’s latest con.
It lures dozens of foreigners daily.
It’s nightly take is in the hundreds of thousands of RMB.

It’s coming after you!


contains exclusive streamed video of Shanghai scammers in action!



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