The following services are available:

Publishing Services

Robert offers eBook and eDocument design in PDF and ePUB3 for interactive multimedia or traditional text based eBooks, flyers, brochures, catalogues, reports, portfolios, eZines and archival documents. Samples of these (for free download) can be found throughout this website.

Digital publishing and eBook distribution services to authors, artists and filmmakers are available on a freelance basis, with (optional) negotiable partnership and/or royalty based contracts. These include manuscript and file formation, proofreading, cover design, publication and international distribution for interactive, multimedia and traditional text-based eBooks.

Freelance design rates begin at $150 / hour.

Teaching Services

Robert offers English language teaching, tuition and personalized digital text / course-book design internationally via Skype, eBook, email and social media.  Subjects catered to include (but are not limited to): listening, speaking, reading, writing + conversational English, business English, English for Special Purposes (ESP), travel English, English idioms and IELTS.  He caters to all skill levels, ages 14 to adult, developing individual instruction and / or digital workbooks based on student need.

Private digital course-books are a specialty: individual designed eBooks (in PDF, ePUB, ePUB3 and/or iBooks Author) catering to the language learning needs of each student; i.e. a personalized digital textbook especially for each student.

In addition, Robert offers freelance proofreading, indexing and editing (for essays – undergrad and postgrad – as well as business documents, resumes, letters, immigration correspondence). He is open to contract offers to teach ESL in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and/or Europe.

Private teaching / tuition rates begin at $150 / hour.
Digital course-book design rates begin at $250 / hour.
Manuscript proofreading / editing rates begin at $150 / 1000 wds.
Contract terms are negotiable.